Returns & Exchange Policy

Return, Exchange, and Cancellation Policy

We're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, and we've crafted a policy to make returns, refunds, exchanges, and cancellations as smooth as a lullaby. Please take a moment to review it for a hassle-free experience


For the sake of hygiene, some items are just as shy as a kid in a new outfit and prefer not to be returned or exchanged. Here's the lineup:

  • Bloomers • Panties • Swaddles • Bibs • Burp Cloths


  1. Exchanges are like a cozy hug—warm and comforting. They'll be all set once we've given your returned items a little check-up.
  2. Want something of lower value in exchange? We'll make it happen and even throw in a credit note for the difference. It's like a little gift for next time!
  3. Dreaming of something pricier? We've got you covered! Just a quick payment link away, and your upgrade is on its way. Note: No Cash on Delivery (CoD) for exchanges, please.


Mistakes happen, we get it! If you accidentally pressed the order button too soon, just drop us an email at with 'ORDER CANCELLATION' in the subject line, along with your order number.

  • Should your order not have commenced its journey, we will promptly cancel it and issue a refund within 7 working days.
  • For orders already in transit, we'll subtract the shipping charges and send the rest back to you. Don't worry; we've got the math covered.


  • Discounted products are like a final sale at your favourite store—no return or exchange.
  • In the rare event of a damaged or missing item, be our superhero and contact us within 24 hours of unwrapping the treasure.
  • Open with a splash! To spread the joy and provide assistance in the event of returns, make an unpacking video. It's the cutest thing since a newborn's giggle!
  • To speed up the resolution, take pictures of the parcel bag and the star of the show, THE DAMAGED ITEM. Make sure you do this within 24 hours. And request you to not try it on or wash it before taking those pictures.
  • Our quality control is top-notch, but sometimes, even superheroes have off days. If you spot a true issue post-delivery, reach out, and we'll put on our detective hats.
  • Personalized or custom orders are like snowflakes—unique and not eligible for returns or exchanges.
  • Shipping fees, Express/Priority Shipping fees, customization charges, alteration charges, and gift packing charges are like little nomads—they don't come back.
  • Gift cards are like the secret passage to a world of choices—non-refundable but full of possibilities.


Sending things back to us? You're the captain of this ship! Choose your preferred route:

  1. Select a reputed courier company to send the item and share the tracking ID with us. Return shipping costs are on you, Captain.
  1. Prefer a smoother voyage? opt for KOPA to steer the ship for you with a small charge of Rs 100. Please note that return shipping is the customer's responsibility.

We aim to offer you the best for your little ones, and we're here to make your shopping experience as sweet as a lullaby. Got questions or need a helping hand? 

Reach out to us at:

Thank you for choosing KOPA India. We're here to make your child's world a little more comfortable and stylish. Happy shopping!